Boarding at Timberlawn Pet Care Center

Timberlawn Pet Care Center has been the premier pet care facility for Hayward for well over 40 years. We provide safe and comfortable lodging for all of your dog and cat needs. Our climate controlled kennels provide individual indoor/outdoor spaces for each of your pets comfort. They have access to fresh water at all times and are fed according to the owners requests. To keep your pet feeling its best we ask that you bring your pets own food whether it be dry, canned, raw or home cooked.

We offer a variety of additional services to keep your pet in a happy state of mind, anywhere from daily 15 minute walks in the countryside. To protect all of our visitors we do require proof of current vaccinations but are happy to take titer test results as well.

Give us a call and let us customize a visit so you can relax while you have to be away!