Training at Timberlawn Pet Care Center is focused on creating balance
in the human/animal bond. We believe the foundation of a healthy
relationship is respect, trust and communication. To experience the
deepest bond with your dog you must communicate true leadership,
boundaries, expectations and the joy of play. To help you reach your
goals we have several options and although we can give your dog a head
start in the game, the true work must be done by you, the owner. Whether
your dog is already acting out or you want to get started in the correct
way to raise a dog from the beginning, we have you covered! We would
also be thrilled to guide you on the way to competing in the many dog
sports available to you and your dog. Contact Janelle and let’s see if
you and your dog can,”reach the sky”!


GROUP CLASSES…Several times a year we offer a basic manners and
obedience class in a group setting. This is a perfect choice for new
puppy owners as well as adult dogs that do not have aggression issues.
We meet 1 night a week for 1-1.5 hours for 8 weeks. We focus on impulse
control and owner focus in these classes. Great for socialization but
not a puppy play time type of class.
$75 for entire session

PRIVATE LESSONS… These sessions are one on one with our trainer for
approximately 1 hour. Janelle will help you address whatever specific
wishes you have for your dog and evaluate any areas that may need work.
These are perfect for those who have complicated schedules or dogs with
issues, such as shyness or dog aggression. Privates are scheduled
mornings, afternoons, evenings and some weekends based on availability.
$40 per hour


IN KENNEL OPTIONS…For those who are short on time we can offer to
board and train your dog. We can offer daily daycare and train or weekly
board and trains. Janelle will work on skills the owner requests as well
as evaluate and train through any weaknesses your dog may have. Owners
will be counselled and expected to comply with protocols and communicate
regularly with the trainer.
$41 per day for daycare and train
$43 per day for overnight board and train